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KristalBond is a liquid glass coating that shields against the sun's harmful rays for living comfort and energy savings.

  glass tinting
    KristalBond cuts 90% of infrared ray.
With KristalBond you are able to:

• Reduce air-conditioning usage & increase its efficiency
• Increase comfort, especially near glass areas
• Enjoy cooler & more comfortable living enviroment
  solar control glass tinting heat and uv reduction

KristalBond reduces heat loss from windows by retaining far infrared generated indoor. It enables
you to:

• Retain heat indoor
• Reduce cold draft and increase comfort
• Reduce condensation on windows


With a 2-3ÂșC reduction in temperature, you are able to save up to 20% on your electrical consumption on a yearly basis.

Based on the scenario below, you would reduce an estimate of 5.6kgm² /annum of CO2 emmission.

Energy savings computed by Perimeter Annual Loading (PAL) calculation - Okinawa

  solar control glass tinting
  heat and uv reduction heat and uv reduction
    KristalBond is formulated to block off 99 % of the sun's UVA and UVB to:

• Protect from skin pigmentation and skin cancer.
• Keep your furniture, displays and valuables from   accelerated fading and aging.
• Keep out insects that are attracted to UV emitting from   indoor lights.
solar control glass tinting
Harvest natural light and save on artificial lighting during the day with KristalBond. A colourless and ultra clear coating, KristalBond reduces reflection on glass due to its crystal like nature.

Only 7 microns thin with a low haze level of 0.8, KristalBond owes its super transparency to nanotechnology. Colourless, KristalBond preserves your window's originality, keeping it clear without any distortion.
  liquid glass coating  
    With a 6H hardness, KristalBond has a high scratch resistance, it does not peel, de-metalize or require special maintenance. It does not incinerate nor pose any toxic danger.
  coated glass  
    Shape & Size
KristalBond, glass in liquid form, can be coated on curved glass and large glass areas seamlessly for a perfect smooth finishing. Its superior self leveling properties give KristalBond the finishing edge over solar control films.
KristalBond Spectral Performance Data
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    Tested based on ISO 9050 standard, except U- Value which is based on ISO 8990.
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How KristalBond glass & window tinting are different from other solar control products.

Compared to reflective tint films & low e-glass, KristalBond:
Does not create glare to other buildings
Does not trap heat in the city
Does not have oxidation concerns such as de-metallizing
Retains heat during winter
Retains a high visible light transmission for daylight harvesting
Can be applied on selected glass panes particularly those facing East and West
Provides a longer warranty of 10 years

  Normal limitations of window film KristalBond
Durability Peeling & bubbling in 2 - 5 years No peeling & bubbling at all
Performance High IR cut but low visibility (dark). Low IR cut and high visibility High IR cut (90%) and high visibility (76%)
Clarity View appears blur, less colour saturation and hazy (high haze level: 2-3) View appears very clear with natural, good colour saturation (low haze level: 0.8)
Hardness Easy to get scratched. Pencil Scratch Hardness 2H to 3H Harder to get scratched. Pencil Scratch Hardness 6H
Seamless Finishing Obvious joining appears on large glass as film comes in fixed width; unable to apply on curved glass Seamless finishing; no joining in large glass and curved glass.
Savings Dark tinted film results in high power consumption for artificial lighting offsetting the effect of high IR cut performance Cut IR but allow high visible light result in harvesting natural light
Economical Requires re-installion every 5-7 years interval due to peeling, bubbling and distortions. Removing the existing film is an added cost. No need to reinstall. Maintain superior appearance for years without distortion.

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