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KristalBond is retrofitted on the glass surface facing the interior.
Best retrofitted after major renovation works prior to installation of windows or door grills or blinds.
Scaffolding may be required for glass over 5m high.


KristalBond can be coated seamlessly on:
Large glass areas (no size limitation)
Curved glass

A flexible coating, during application KristalBond can be coated around clamps, bolts and handles.


KristalBond cannot be coated on:
Frosted glass (frosted side)
Reflective (mirror) glass (coated side)
Low-E glass (coated side)
Decorative glass (printed side)
Wired glass

Application Method

STEP 1 - Preparing the Surface
windows coating After protecting the fixed furniture (eg. carpets & cabinets),
the glass is thoroughly cleansed several times to rid of dust and oil residues.
STEP 2- Protecting the Edges
glass coating A special tape is used to protect the glass seals and frames from accidental contact with KristalBond's coat during application.
STEP 3 - Coating KritalBond
coated glass Using a special sponge, the coating is applied according to specific coating strokes and techniques.

Application Duration

Team Average Area/ Day*
2 persons 25m²
3 - 4 persons 50m²

*A work day consist of 8 hours
To know how long a project will take, kindly consult your KristalBond agent.

After Application

1 hour to be tack free or non-sticky to be touch.
7 days to fully cure and can be cleaned with a mild glass cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth.

Maintaining KristalBond Coated Glass

Clean your KristalBond coated glass like how you would normally clean a glass windows/door.
Wipe glass with a damp non-abrasive cloth and a mild glass cleaner.


We provide an extensive 10-year warranty to give you peace of mid. The coating however, will continue to serve its purpose for as long as the glass exists after the 10 year period.

KristalBond  Application Team

All KristalBond’s application teams are all skillfully trained to deliver smooth and seamless finishing.

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