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1999 Sunshine Inc. Japan achieved their first break-through in Nanotechnology for functional glass application. This is the result of years of R&D.
2002 Sunshine Inc. Japan seek the expertise of KristalBond International as their strategic partner in R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing for global market penetration.
2004 KristalBond International received its official global patent for Sol-Gel Nanotechnology in functional glass.
2005 - 2009 KristalBond International benefited consumers in USA, Japan, China and the other Asia Pacific countries. This in mainly due to their aggressive global marketing.
2013 - 2014 KristalBond International achieved another break-through in the application of the coating using automation. This has been the result of years of non-stop R&D.

The KristaBond group comprises of:

KristalBond Japan Incoporated (KBJ)
Headquarters of KristalBond, KBJ manages the marketing activities solely in Japan and partake the advisory role to the direction of the group.

KristalBond Technologies Sdn Bhd (KBT)
KBT is the international marketing and operations arm of KristalBond. Its core activity is to appoint, develop and serve new markets beyond Japan.

KristalBond Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (KBM)
KBM is involved in the manufacturing, quality control and packaging of the products.

KristalBond R&D Sdn Bhd (KBR&D)
KBR&D conducts continuous product research, development of new products and enhancements of existing ones and provides techinical support for the marketing activities.

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