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Advantages Of Liquid Glass Coating

Liquid glass coating is an innovative product which is performed by applying a thin layer of liquid onto the glass surface. After application of the liquid glass coating, the glass has to be left to dry completely.
Since it is of liquid form, it can be applied on even curved surface. With the additional layer, the surface often appears in a darker shade. The main function of glass coating is to decrease the amount of heat, ultraviolet radiation (UV), and infrared rays of the sun from passing through windows.
This heat and UV reduction feature is effective for thermal control purpose, be it during a burning summer or a freezing winter. In the summer, glass coating prevents excessive heat from reaching the interior of a building, therefore minimizing the need of air conditioning. This energy saving glass coating, in such a way contributes to the greening of the environment.
The decrease in UV ray and heat also benefit the furnishings by delaying discolouration and prolonging their lifespan. Moving further, considering this topic from the healthcare perspective, the risk of skin cancer can be significantly lowered as glass coating reduces heat and harmful UV ray exposure on skin. Switching the discussion to the winter season, coated glass is able to retain heat within the building, limiting the need for a conventional heater as it reduces cold draft. Therefore, it is well-reasoned to state that glass coating helps in energy saving.
Additionally, glass coating reduces condensation during the winter as it creates a barrier between the interior of the building and the glass, minimising the amount of heat from reaching the cold air at the outside. The benefits of liquid class coating mentioned above however depends much on the quality and workmanship of the window coating manufacturer. It is important to be served by highly competent window coating manufacturer like KristalBond to avoid disappointment.
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